Gong in sound therapy

Sound Healing

1-2-1 experience with instruments

Sound Healing is one of the oldest Healing Modalities that is returning now to the world as it has been forgotten. 

We start this session by setting an intention for healing after I guide you through short visualization and reconnection to your heart. Then softly I introduce instrument by instrument to you – each of them has different healing properties and works directly with your body. It is in these sessions that I find the mind rests the most – and we can let go of control with much more ease – as instruments make it happen naturally for you. 

        Main Benefits of Sound Healing:

  • Improves blood flow in the body – you can find a YouTube video where 20 minutes of gong increased the healthy flow of blood cells, also there is a fantastic video with Bruce Lipton who explains the power of Sound Healing in a scientific way both links added below.
  • Brings in deep relaxation to the body.
  • Helps your mind to calm, and let go of constant chatter.
  • Increases the feeling of surrender and trust in life.
  • Help to let go of control.
  • Improves immunity system and strengthens the body from the inside.

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