welcome hands together


It is a fascinating Energy Healing Modality that I absolutely love. Found by Kachina Ma’an – an Australian Spiritual teacher in 2003. Pellowah is an Angelic word, and it means – “radical shift in consciousness”. I find that it helps people to tune within themselves on a very deep level – where you are taking your responsibility for yourself back into your hands. It increases your capacity for positive change for you to reach your Highest Purpose and Potential. Pellowah simply calls you – I still wonder how this works – but the only way I can explain it is you just know that you want to have this session, it’s like this voice inside you says yes, please.

In this session, you are directly connected with The Divine Source Energy. I am just helping it to flow to the places that it needs to. It is hands-off healing – but you can feel the energy working with you, at least this that everyone has experienced so far 😊.

Benefits of Pellowah:

  •  Gaining more clarity, is great when you feel stuck and wondering what are your next steps in your life.
  •  Becoming more of an observer of the life situations, letting go of being involved in constant drama, and the need for it.
  •  Works directly with Chakras and DNA.
  •  Expands our consciousness.
  •  Increases light within the body, which brings more well-being.
  •  Helps to undo deeply rooted beliefs that aren’t serving you, gently.
  •  Helps with the spiritual awakening process.

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