Give yourself permission to heal the wounded parts.

Trust no matter what. 

Trust your inner voice. 

As an Intuitive Energy Healer, I am led by you. I tune into your energy and feel where you are blocked. 

This healing opens space for you to connect to whatever you believe, whatever you’ve been through, and whatever has led you here. 

You have space to really feel, to collapse, to just be. There’s no space for judgment, only space for being. Knowing whatever you’re going through matters.

Many people are afraid of feeling. We’ve never been taught how to deal with the big emotions that life throws at us. Within my practice I like to focus on opening the Heart, to create space for you to hold these emotions with compassion. Helping to let go of fear and embrace life with courage. In this openness, you can witness your magic and be witness to the shadow aspect of self. Truly accepting our nature.

 Welcome the whole of you! Allow yourself to surrender to life on the new unknown level.
Let your Soul guide you on your healing journey.



At Tune Within we help people to restore their connection to themselves, life, and new possibilities.

Descriptions of 1-2-1 Sessions

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

This session is designed by me after many years of healing experiences on both ends in courses and on myself.

The first session is 90 minutes long. It includes your energy scan, consultation, energy healing, and advice regarding the next steps.

In the following sessions, I work on emotional layers at first – as emotions that are stuck in our bodies block our energy flow. When needed we move to more abstract aspects such as Soul Retrieval, Inner Child Healing, Ancestral Healing, Heart Breaks sometimes even Past Life or clearing of other energies (Entities), and more complicated aspects.

Each session is very individual and guided by you, your energy, and your Soul & Heart. Here you reconnect to the self again. You learn how to be honest with yourself. We acknowledge limiting beliefs and change them for new empowering ones. This space is for both your light and your shadow – we embrace the whole of you – so you can feel more wholesome within. 

These sessions are very deep and sometimes people can experience deep emotional releases – I am explaining more about this during the session.

In this session I guide you in your healing journey and support you, so you can:

  • Heal your wounds.
  • Gain more emotional balance and clarity of mind.
  • Reconnect to yourself.
  • Release fear, grief, anxiety, trauma.
  • Uplift from low mood, lack of motivation, and depression.
  • Learn easy methods to help you with letting go of stress and anxiety.
  • Become more aware of how you create your reality.
  • Feel more empowered to make healthy changes in your life.

And so much more.

Each session is finished with some guidance and as I call it HOMEWORK – so you have some tools to start improving your energy and daily life

Intuitive Energy Healing Options:
The first session – Consultation – is 90 minutes long.

Following sessions – 90 minutes, or 2 hours depending on the individual case. 

Deep Tissue Massage Close up.

Holistic Healing Massage for Women

I created this bodywork session for women to reconnect with their bodies, for them to take the necessary deep rest so they can restore their energy and not become exhausted and empty.

This session is a combination of quantum healing and soft to medium massage. It is like a journey for you to meet with your body, to reconnect, to see where it hurts. I often work on emotional layers here as well, as emotions and traumas are often stuck in parts of our bodies. Our body remembers.

It is a very relaxing and deeply restoring session, that is returning a better flow of energy in your whole being on a physical and energetic layer.

In 90 minutes session, we finish with healing work on the nervous system – which is wonderfully calming and helps to release stress – but also adds to our health, as our nervous system helps all the parts of the body to communicate with each other.

In 2 hour session, we finish with Sound Healing – which is wonderful – here you will feel instruments and their vibrations entering deeply into your body tissue and clearing energy blockages. I will mainly use Tibetan bowls and some other powerful instruments. 

This session is a treat to the self – which every woman deserves, as maintaining very busy lifestyles costs us a lot of energy – we often look after everyone else before we do after ourselves – this is a wonderful way to gift you with YOU TIME that will benefit you on many layers, and so your family and friends as you will start feeling more relaxed around them.

 These sessions are very beneficial for women that are:

  • Very busy and multitasking and forgetting about charging their batteries regularly.
  • Mothers, that are constantly busy caring for others, and forget about their energy need to be looked after as well. 
  • After difficult relationships and lost their connections with their body, and self-esteem, and stopped loving themselves.
  • After operations, or are on a body recovery journey. 
  • After pregnancy – as the body then needs all of that additional care and gentleness while it returns to full wellness.
  • Love messages and want to treat themselves with a longer, relaxing holistic massage experience.

Holistic Healing Massage for Women Options:

With Quantum Healing – 90 minutes long

Add Sound Healing to regular session – 2 hours long


Gong in sound therapy

1-2-1 Sound Healing

Sound Healing is one of the oldest Healing Modalities that is returning now to the world as it has been forgotten. 

We start this session by setting an intention for healing after I guide you through short visualization and reconnection to your heart. Then softly I introduce instrument by instrument to you – each of them has different healing properties and works directly with your body. It is in these sessions that I find the mind rests the most – and we can let go of control with much more ease – as instruments make it happen naturally for you. 

        Main Benefits of Sound Healing:

  • Improves blood flow in the body – you can find a YouTube video where 20 minutes of gong increased the healthy flow of blood cells, also there is a fantastic video with Bruce Lipton who explains the power of Sound Healing in a scientific way both links added below.
  • Brings in deep relaxation to the body.
  • Helps your mind to calm, and let go of constant chatter.
  • Increases the feeling of surrender and trust in life.
  • Help to let go of control.
  • Improves immunity system and strengthens the body from the inside.

Sound Healing 1-2-1 Session Summary
Intention setting, a few instruments will play, finishing with silence and hands-on healing around the head for more calmness and clarity – all experience is 1 hour

You can find out more about sience behind sound healing in this videos:

welcome hands together


It is a fascinating Energy Healing Modality that I absolutely love. Found by Kachina Ma’an – an Australian Spiritual teacher in 2003. Pellowah is an Angelic word, and it means – “radical shift in consciousness”. I find that it helps people to tune within themselves on a very deep level – where you are taking your responsibility for yourself back into your hands. It increases your capacity for positive change for you to reach your Highest Purpose and Potential. Pellowah simply calls you – I still wonder how this works – but the only way I can explain it is you just know that you want to have this session, it’s like this voice inside you says yes, please.

In this session, you are directly connected with The Divine Source Energy. I am just helping it to flow to the places that it needs to. It is hands-off healing – but you can feel the energy working with you, at least this that everyone has experienced so far 😊.

Benefits of Pellowah:

  •  Gaining more clarity, is great when you feel stuck and wondering what are your next steps in your life.
  •  Becoming more of an observer of the life situations, letting go of being involved in constant drama, and the need for it.
  •  Works directly with Chakras and DNA.
  •  Expands our consciousness.
  •  Increases light within the body, which brings more well-being.
  •  Helps to undo deeply rooted beliefs that aren’t serving you, gently.
  •  Helps with the spiritual awakening process.

Pellowah sessions:

The first session – includes consultation, explanation of the process, Pellowah healing – and summary after – about 80 minutes long

Follow-up Session – 75 minutes long

Can be delivered at distance as well – contact us for more information.

to book for a 10 minutes free phone consultation - message me – I will be happy to guide you and answer your questions.

for additional hours, workshop collaborations, and personally tailored sessions contact me directly.