Anna Bojaryn - Intuitive Energy Healer

Anna Bojaryn - Intuitive Energy Healer


She has been on her Spiritual Journey for a decade already. Qualified as a Spiritual Healer in The College of Psychic Studies in London. She undertook many courses in Healing Modalities, Reiki (Master), Breath Work & Trauma Release, Yoga, Sound Healing, and more. She is a member of the Complementary Medical Association.

Anna loves to learn and study all aspects of human beings, and she travels around the world to find her teachers. Healing has become part of her life and her passion, where she feels strongly connected to the energies of Mother Earth and The Divine Light, Creator, God, The Universe, Consciousness…

In her work, she creates The Sacred Healing Space where she helps people to reconnect with their Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul through the knowledge that she has gained, along with her strong intuition & gifts.

Anna believes that everyone has their own power to heal. When people understand more about how to be in flow with their emotions and how they create things through their own way of thinking when they start listening to their bodies – their whole life can shift into the new, much better, and positive reality.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, healing can help to open people up more to a joyful way of living, where people are kind to each other and respectful. Where there is no need for drama, pain, suffering, depression, violence, or any other misalignments.

Anna works with clients in 1-2-1 and in groups. Both, online and in person.

Her unique approach has helped many people already by creating their own lifestyles from the Heart-Centred Way of living.

She trusts that if all people become kind & honest to each other and live truly in connection with their Soul and Heart, then life on The Earth can become such a beautiful experience.

Part of her powerful sessions is to incorporate the aspects of Ancestral Healing – so the future generations won’t have to carry old patterns, pain, and conditions, our traumas – but instead can be free and create loving families and healthy, supportive societies with more ease.

In daily life as a person – she enjoys regular trips to the English countryside where she reconnects with the elements and nature. Her way to be playful is by putting on pair of rollers to enjoy a different grip with the earth. She loves to experiment with cooking. She has that fun personality and when she laughs; her smile can uplift many. But most of all she loves to learn new things, experience life, and share this knowledge with others.

Her Qualifications

* Permissioning and Transformation Practitioner with Karina Grant and Kaye  – 2022

* Compassion Key, Level 1 with Edward Mannix-2022

* Pellowah Practitioner – Level 1&2 with Julie Parker, Upminster Essex & Ardingly West Sussex, UK- 2021

* Vipassana – silent meditation 10 days practice, Cambridgeshire – 2020  

* Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System, Practitioner, Level 1 with Natalie Keany & Daniel Anner, Goa, India – 2020

* Intensive Gong & Sound Therapy Training with Abby DelSol and Tom Soltron, Poland – 2019 

* Reiki Drum Practitioner Course with Sarah Gregg, Sawbridgeworth UK – 2019

* Reiki Master and Teacher (Usui Reiki System) with Sarah Gregg, Sawbridgeworth UK – 2019

* Reiki – Level 2 with Torsten A. Lange, The Reiki Academy, London, UK – 2014

* Reiki – Level 1 with Joy Magezis, Cambridge UK -2012

* Psychic Development – with Molly Ann Fairley, The School of Psychic Studies, London UK – 2018

* The College of Psychic Studies – Accreditation Certificate in Healing, London UK – 2013/2015

* School of Intuition and Healing – Spirit Release, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing, Working with the Heart, Medical Intuition with Sue Allen, London UK – 2016 – 2019

* Access Consciousness – Bars, London UK – 2013

* Piurebioenergy – level 1 with Zoran Hochstatter, London UK – 2015

* Introduction to Counselling Skills, Cambridge – 2012

* Anatomy and Physiology for Healers, London – 2014/2015

* Yin Yoga 60h – The Art of Letting Go with Austin Ince, London – 2019

* Yoga Hatha 200h – teacher training, Mira YogaShala, Rishikesh, India – 2018

* Diploma in Swedish Body Massage, Leeds – 2018

* Quantum Touch Practitioner – Level 1&2, London, Karina Grant – 2013 & 2020

Additionally, many short courses and retreats that she took part in with subjects on Healing, Personal Development, and Spiritual Journey that I won’t be mentioning as the list is long 😊. There is still so much more to learn, and she is always looking to enhance her gifts and knowledge.