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Hello Beautiful!


You are probably wondering what has brought you here…

It could be that you are interested in healing, 

Or perhaps you are already on a spiritual journey, 

Or maybe you have absolutely no idea about these two worlds!

One thing is for sure – you are not here by accident. Something deep within you, beyond your knowing and understanding, has brought you here today.

Search within, and ask yourself:

How am I, truly and honestly – do I yearn for a deeper connection within? 

Is there something in me that wants to be happy and enjoy this life?

Do I feel my soul? Do I sense there’s more within me that I want to rediscover and that I have to offer to this world?

          If your answer is yes – you are here because your Soul brought you here! 


Avaliable worldwide, online only.

"It is with the heart that we feel
with our hearts we love,
and with our hearts, we build a happy life.
It is our Soul that guides us toward that happiness."
Anna Bojaryn


During these sessions, the focus is on healing wounded parts of one's current life, such as inner child aspects or adult selves that have experienced trauma or pain that is difficult to overcome alone.

We might also explore parts of the soul from past lives where pain and disconnection have occurred. The aim of the session is to bring self-compassion to these parts and restore shadow aspects to the light.

When these parts are healed, you no longer have to create or live from a place of pain and can instead begin to shift your reality and create from a space of lightness.

If you have had a difficult childhood or life, this session can help you see the parts of yourself that need to be held and reconnected in a new and healthy way.

You can finally stop punishing yourself or others for past experiences and move forward with more ease and joy. Online only.

Anna Bojaryn - How I picture healing….

Anna Bojaryn healer Energy Founder

Healing has been present within communities for the eons, including Chinese Medicine, North American, Siberian Shamanism, Hawaiian Healings, as well as beautiful practices like Yoga from India, Meditation, and many more. 

We can also investigate ancient civilisations like Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, Atlanteans, Lemurians, and beyond. There are many stories and channelling that relate to how healing was perceived there.

Here are some understandings that I gained about Energy Healing over the years of my practice as a Healer:

Healing is not about fixing someone; it does not mean that you are broken.

Healing is simply a way to reconnect within, a process of letting go of years of conditioning. 

It is a process of looking into our hearts and deciding what truly matters, questioning the world and the beliefs that we hold onto.

Healing is reprogramming and reconnecting to the depth within, it is about opening to our potential and the mastery of our hearts. 

Healing is getting to know who you are – from the deepest part of you, connecting to your Soul and Heart Consciousness.

As a healer, my responsibility is to hold a sacred space for you where you can release what is no longer serving you, where you can feel empowered. 

Everything in this world is made up of energy. Our body is created from energy centres called chakras, layers of aura, meridians, and then our skin, organs, and all the systems that we learned about in biology class. Our bodies are fascinating! At the moment we expand our knowledge to the new horizons beyond our school learnings.

We are realising more and more that we are powerful creators, manifesting in this world.

Energy Medicine is returning back to our awareness and our life. It makes me very happy to see many different approaches like Shamanism, Reiki, EFT, Family Constellations, Breath Work, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression, Ancestral Healing, Inner Child Healing, Yoga, and Meditation – that are already very popular. There are also new ones that are less known as Light Language Activations, Angelic Healing, or Pellowah that are very powerful.

I would like to offer you healing practices that are very close to my heart. It is my mission to share them and my knowledge with the world and with you.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing

welcome hands together


Deep Tissue Massage Close up.


Gong in sound therapy

Sound Healing

Our gift to you....

I work in partnership with the Divine and my beautiful helpers!

We provide a Sacred Healing Space for people to come with all their feelings, emotions, burdens, and hurts. As well as their hopes, joys, desires, ideas, and inspirations for the future.

There is no judgment or need for you to be anything other than who you are at this moment. Gift yourself the permission to truly be and then witness the shifts that will begin to take place…

In this healing space, I invite you to:

*** Learn how to truly accept yourself, look at your habits, conditions, aches, and pains – see where you deny your truth and ignore your intuition and shift that space to self-compassion and empowerment.

*** Look deep into your desires and find the answers to what is stopping you from moving forward when you feel stuck or unsure.

*** Process emotions that are blocking your energy and keep you in the past, scarcity, and other patterns or limiting beliefs.

This space is very unique, and everyone is on their own journey.

  We have come here to live – to feel – to be – to experience life in our body as a free spirit.

I invite you to the space where you don’t have to be afraid to be vulnerable or feel what you are feeling.

Where you can rest and let go… Where you can find yourself again.

If you are ready – I invite you to tune within and journey with us… Let’s start!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

Helen Keller

In this part of our website we will chat about aspects of energy and also important to us concepts, ideas, feelings and so much more.

Lets start with our first blog:


From here we will see what will inspire our hearts.

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