Deep Tissue Massage Close up.

Holistic Healing Massage for Women

I created this bodywork session for women to reconnect with their bodies, for them to take the necessary deep rest so they can restore their energy and not become exhausted and empty.

This session is a combination of a quantum healing and soft to medium massage. It is like a journey for you to meet with your body, to reconnect, to see where it hurts. I often work on emotional layers here as well, as emotions and traumas are often stuck in parts of our bodies.

It is a very relaxing and deeply restoring session, that is returning a better flow of energy in your whole being on a physical and energetic layer.

In 90 minutes session, we finish with healing work on the nervous system – which is wonderfully calming and helps to release stress – but also adds to our health, as our nervous system helps all the parts of the body to communicate with each other.

In 2 hour session, we finish with Sound Healing – which is wonderful – here you will feel instruments and their vibrations entering deeply into your body tissue and clearing energy blockages. I will mainly use Tibetan bowls and some other powerful instruments. 

This session is a treat to the self – which every woman deserves, as maintaining very busy lifestyles costs us a lot of energy – we often look after everyone else before we do after ourselves – this is a wonderful way to gift you with YOU TIME that will benefit you on many layers, and so your family and friends as you will start feeling more relaxed around them.

 These sessions are very beneficial for women that are:

  • Very busy and multitasking and forgetting about charging their batteries regularly.
  • Mothers, that are constantly busy caring for others, and forget about their energy need to be looked after as well. 
  • After difficult relationships and lost their connections with their body, self-esteem, and stopped loving themselves.
  • After operations, or are on a body recovery journey. 
  • After pregnancy – as the body then needs all of that additional care and gentleness while it returns to full wellness.
  • Love messages and want to treat themselves with a longer, relaxing holistic massage experience.

Book for 10 minutes FREE phone consultation – if you have more questions or would like some guidance on which session can be best for you.