It takes courage to be vulnerable and open about your struggles. So please know that you are not alone, and you will be guided through every step of your healing path.

In this space, you can rest and let go of your burdens.

In this space, you can simply be, exactly as you are, free, your authentic self.

Clients Journey's



I struggle with a rare chronic condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. When I met Anna, about 3 years ago now, I felt very let down by doctors as they just kept offering me really nasty painkillers that didn’t work or treat anything, the side effects were horrible. I was determined to find alternative treatment options.

It was one of Anna’s Chakra Healing Meditation events that first drew me in. At the first session, I struggled up the stairs with my crutches and was greeted by Anna, whom I immediately felt at ease with. She has a magical energy, that resonates with a sense of calm. During that initial Chakra course, I learned how to meditate properly, and I felt the benefits almost immediately.

Since then, I’ve been to many more! As well as Sound baths, online meditations, and various 1-2-1 sessions including Breathwork, Intuitive Energy Healing, Quantum-Touch, and Massage. If I’m honest, I don’t always know exactly what treatments I’m having, I simply surrender and trust Anna’s intuition. I always feel far better walking out than walking in! The Quantum-Touch sessions even gave me some feeling back in the numb areas of my leg. She’s really helped support me in my continuous recovery. I no longer use the crutches; my pain is more manageable because I listen to my body and acknowledge my pains instead of trying to escape them all the time. I’m also much kinder to myself – my mental health and mindset have improved greatly. I hugely recommend connecting with Anna if you feel called to! She really is amazing.




Anna has been working with me for over three years, the journey has been amazing. I’ve found things I didn’t know I had inside me! When I came to work with Anna I was really lost. I hated everything. I hated myself, my depression, my children, my husband, everything. I was stuck always trying to please others and abandoning myself in the process. I was so unhappy, I just wanted to be noticed and loved. My life before felt so negative, now I create positivity. I see things in a different way. Even down to the words I use, things aren’t difficult anymore, they are challenging – I rise to the challenges of life!

I began doing Anna’s group events and then went to one-to-one sessions. Her intuition is so strong. Anna knows exactly what I need to hear to unlock something deep inside. Breathwork helps process trauma – my old inner child wounds, as well as anger and pain from lifetimes before this one – I release it all. I take part in her Sound baths, Meditations, and nearly everything! Slowly, slowly as time has gone by and my heart chakra has opened, I have calmed down. Now I’m able to give my children the attention they need. The house used to be full of negative energy, now there’s peace, serenity, and balance. I’ve stopped needing to take my anti-depressants and started believing in myself! Anna has really helped me change my life. She teaches me to follow my heart, not my mind. To trust myself, even if I don’t understand something immediately, I know things will soon become clear… It’s coming.

Many people are lost in this life, but everyone deserves balance. I highly recommend Anna and the work she does – she’s wonderful, and she will lift you up! My favourite mantra of hers is, “It is how it is”. I am learning to take life each day, embrace it with open arms, and appreciate the lessons that come my way. Thank you, Anna, for the wonderful work you do.




I am not a stranger to receiving spiritual healing. Over the years I had the need and chances to receive great healings from various healers.  Anna’s work touched my most secret, recent struggles: anxiety and internal anger. Anna is a very intuitive and non-judgmental healer. She naturally extends warmth and understanding. One feels safe in her spiritual care. One TRUSTS.

I met Anna on several occasions, during different times, over two years. Each set of our sessions was different. Each taught me, or rather reminded me, how to renew my old self, how to part with all those unwanted feelings that made my everyday life miserable and overwhelmed by feeling that in the true sense and real life, were alien to me.

Slowly and continually, I started feeling better, lighter, and truer to what I perceived as my true self. After each session, I became more aware that my deeply rooted, sometimes nasty thoughts, had to go and Anna made it possible.

What a relief it was to finally get rid of those unwanted energies within. Anna taught me how to let the Light back into my everyday life. She taught me to trust that “all will be well”, and if anytime I feel like the outside and nasty weight tries to get back on my shoulders, I remember our sessions, I remember Anna’s wise words, I recall feeling the energy channelled and it helps enormously.

I recommend Anna’s Healing wholeheartedly.




“There are moments in life when your pain is bigger than you are, and therefore, you cannot think clearly. You somehow switch to survival mode, and all the rest are left behind. A moment like this I had not long time ago after I suffered from Covid. I was left with a long Covid Syndrome, and my life has turned into a nightmare for longer than two months.
Anna felt my pain somehow, and she said she could help me. I really felt like she could, and even if I was exhausted and powerless, she found a way to offer me a few online sessions that really made a difference.
I could feel her energy move along my body and, after that, a relief. She also said some deep things to me that touched me and reminded me of my life purpose. She knows how to uplift your energy and shift your perspective into a more optimistic one. The way she explained everything to me made me believe that I could make it in an authentic manner and not a fake, forced one.
I’ve been working with many practitioners and even psychologists, but I felt like nobody touched the roots of my soul as she did. I feel like she can always make you dig deeper and see your deepest desires and feelings, which is normally really hard. I did have a need to be seen and understood, and that need was met when Anna was around, and I also had a need to release my wounds and even to cry. Somehow, I had repressed so many feelings and tears until I became numb. She helped me cry all that tears and release all these repressed feelings in a safe environment and space. She did all this for me and even more because she is an Angel on Earth. If you work with her, you can feel that too. Is something magic about her. I would always go to Anna when I need safe heaven to heal my wounds and recharge, and also gain some clarity. She helped me release the stacked energy from my body that was left from trauma. Because if you go through a trauma, you do not go alone. You go with your body, and it has memory. That’s when you need Anna—highly recommended!”


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Since meeting Anna and having 3 healing sessions, it’s with a light, warm and happy heart that I write this testimonial. Words cannot really describe the years of emotions I had been wracked with that seemed to so easily, with her care, guidance, and advice, evolve into a life I should’ve been living a long time ago!



Highly and very warmly recommend Anna to all who need support in their journey and pursuit of truth, connection with their inner power, energy of earth.



I have met Anna very randomly few years ago and was a bit suspicious how her therapy will help me in real life.
But already after first session I felt a huge income of energy and clearer vision on my situation.


Justyna Falkowska

I have experienced a session with Anna, and I am impressed by her analytical skills and knowledge. I was sceptical at the beginning because it was the first bio energetic session in my life. Anna explained everything to me. During the session, she helped to accept my parents as they are. As a result of that, I feel stronger and more grounded in my life. My career is speeding up. I feel like Anna did “something” during the session that I cannot explain in words, but I feel it. Something good happened! I can recommend a session with Anna for everyone, who wants to develop in life and career.